The Toxic Legacy of Gold Mining in Peru
An interview on the environmental and human impacts of gold mining in Cajamarca, Peru, where the Colorado-based Newmont Mining Corp. has been extracting precious metals from the Andes Mountains while contaminating water sources with mercury, cyanide, arsenic, lead and other pollutants. After 20 years in the region, Newmont's proposal to expand its operations has been met with ongoing protests from the local indigenous populations. This show originally aired May 29, 2015 on Washington D.C.'s WPFW 89.3 Latino Media Collective.

Inside a Riot on the Hungarian Border
A collaborative work with the Discovery Channel's Seeker Network on a violent riot that occurred in HorgoŇ°, Serbia Hungary closed its borders to refugees and migrants on Sept 15, 2015. This multimedia presentation depicts the day's events as Hungarian riot police clashed with refugees waiting to cross the border from Serbia to Hungary on Sept. 16, 2015.

Towards the end of the street fighting, the police backed away from the border fence and a metal gateway was torn open by refugees. Refugee families then rushed to cross the border under the wrongful impression that the police had opened the gates and they were being welcomed into Hungary. When the refugees walked about 50 meters into Hungary, riot police attacked them with batons and tear gas. A stampede ensued as people rushed back into Serbia and many women, children and older people were injured.

The Human Cost of Gold
A collaborative presentation with the Discovery Channel's Seeker Network describing the hazards of gold mining in Nortern Peru. Starting in 1993, Colorado-based Newmont Mining Corp. opened South America's largest gold mine in Cajamarca, Peru, promising prosperity and rapid development to the local population. More than 20 years later, many of the area's residents continue living in poverty and suffer a variety of illnesses from the mining waste found in their water supplies. In 2010, when Newmont Mining Corp. attempted to expand its mining operations in the region under a proposal known as the Conga Project, its efforts were met with ongoing indigenous resistance that has at times turned violent.