As Ilisu Dam nears completion, Hasankeyf residents face eviction

04 April 2018

Construction of the Ilisu dam is nearing completion. A new reservoir will soon begin to form in southeast Turkey that will submerge the ancient settlement of Hasankeyf, where some long-time residents and merchants will not get state relocation assistance. My latest for Deutsche Welle.

Erdogan’s Next Target as He Restricts Turkey’s Democracy: The Internet

04 March 2018

Took this night shot while walking to a bus stop in the Ulus district of Ankara, Turkey. Good to see it used in this New York Times piece on internet access and freedom of the press.

Ankara Post Card

25 December 2017

I couldn’t find a decent Ankara postcard, so I walked up to Ulus Castle and made one. Then it became local news.

Syrian refugees married early face isolation and domestic violence

11 October 2017

Dalia*, a fifteen year old refugee, pictured with her baby at her home in Ankara. I’m proud to contribute this and other photos to Fariba Nawa’s important report for The Financial Times on the challenges faced by young Syrian women in Turkey. From domestic abuse to conflict induced poverty and gender roles in the Middle East, the article covers big themes that need to play a larger role in our daily discussions.

U.S. charges ex-Turkish minister with conspiring to evade sanctions against Iran

07 September 2017

Of all the photos of HalkBank branches in agency archives, the Washington Post chose one of my mine to report on this crucial moment in US-Turkey relations.