To Go Forward, Turkey Must Look Back

30 August 2018

Daron Acemoglu co-authored one of the most insightful books I’ve read over the last few years.Honored to have my street shot from Istanbul, Turkey, accompany his column on Bloomberg Opinion.

Turkey’s Economic Red Flags Stand Out Among Emerging Markets

15 August 2018

My Istanbul street shot finds good company with this Turkish economy piece in the Wall Street Journal.

Mars of the Middle East

20 July 2018

Nice to see National Geographic publish my photo from the Wadi Rum in Jordan. It’s one the most surreal landscapes in the Middle East and well worth a visit.

President Erdogan’s Republic of Fear

18 July 2018

“For the few journalists that remain, it has not been easy…to direct critical questions to the government about their actions,” Cumhuriyet’s Cigdem Toker told me for my latest take for The New Statesman on the ‘New Turkey.’

For Kurds in Southeast Turkey, the urban conflict continues

09 July 2018

24,000 people are still displaced two years after military operations ended in the Sur district of Diyarbakir. Homeowners were offered an average of 40,000 liras for property lost to the fighting. Now developers are building 400,000-lira houses on expropriated lands. This photo is part of my latest report for IRIN News from southeast Turkey.

Turks Have Voted Away Their Democracy

25 June 2018

“First they ignored him. Then they laughed at him. Then they jailed him. Then he became perhaps Turkey’s most powerful leader in 80 years.” My piece for The Atlantic on ‘the oppressed’ and who’s claiming that status in a changing Turkey.

The Fate of Turkey’s Democracy Lies With the Kurds

23 June 2018

Over the last week, I reported from villages in southeast #Turkey, where paved roads are rare, security checkpoints are abundant and 1,090 ballot boxes are being relocated. This is what I saw ahead of the nation’s pivotal elections.

Three choices: Recep, Tayyip or Erdogan?

15 June 2018

Ankara, Turkey – © Diego Cupolo 2018

Rain forests and Rum Castles: The Best Day Trips From San Juan

08 June 2018

Nice to see my photo of El Yunque Rain Forest for this Puerto Rico travel piece in New York Magazine.

Edward Hopper tribute from Diyarbakir

04 June 2018

Diyarbakir, Turkey – © Diego Cupolo 2018