Rohingya refugees prepare camps for monsoon season: Part 3

Though Cyclone Fani spared the camps, the first major rainfall to hit Cox’s Bazar this season affected 170 shelters, displacing a number of families, according to Gemma Snowdon, a communications officer for WFP. In addition to the SMEP preparations, constant work is needed to maintain reinforcement walls and humanitarian workers have been setting up storm shelters, as well as, providing cyclone preparedness training courses.

In recent months, Navin Karki, a site management officer for IOM, has also been distributing “tie-down kits” to help secure rooftops and minimize storm damage. He expressed fears financial support for such measures would diminish with time as the initial emergency response turns into a protracted crisis.

“If there is a lack of support from the international community, then it will be very difficult for everyone to continue their daily activities because these projects require constant upkeep,” Karki told DW. “The need here is huge.”