Justice Rally Held in Istanbul to Protest Ongoing Purges

Diego Cupolo reports on the Justice Rally in Istanbul, which brought together hundreds of thousands of people in protest of Turkey’s ongoing purges. Listen to the BBC World Service broadcast here.

Global Journalist: Turkey’s Dying Democracy

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A discussion of Turkey’s dying democracy and its prospects for the future featuring Diego Cupolo, an Ankara-based freelance reporter and photographer, Aykan Erdemir, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy and former opposition member of parliament, Nick Ashdown , an Istanbul-based freelance reporter, John Tures, a political scientist researching Turkish politics at LaGrange College in Georgia.

Global Journalist is University of Missouri program broadcasted by KBIA, an affiliate of NPR.

Post-coup Politics in Turkey: Consolidating Power in a State of Emergency

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Since the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, Turkey’s government has intensified its crackdown on political dissidents under an ongoing state of emergency. Thousands of activists, academics, journalists and others find themselves subject to mass purges, detentions, and political trials that have turned into witch hunts.

A panel discussion with Ceylan Akça, Diego Cupolo, and Nazan Üstündağ. Moderated by Cihan Tekay. Filmed at Verso Books in Brooklyn, January 5, 2017.

Turkey coup attempt: A brief moment of hope amid chaos

Following a night of violence on July 15, 2016, photojournalist Diego Cupolo reports on Turkey’s coup attempt during interview with CNN.

Explosions heard in Turkish capital

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Diego Cupolo, reporter and photojournalist, reports live from the Turkish capital of Ankara about the chaos in the streets as a faction of the military attempts to overthrow the government. Watch the interview on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show.

The Human Cost Of Gold in Cajamarca, Peru

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Gold may be the most universal shorthand there is for value and greed, and there’s still huge demand for the rock today, but at what cost? Diego Cupolo reports on the social and environmental impacts of open pit mining in Northern Peru for The Seeker Network, currently known as stories, an online subsidiary of the Discovery Channel.

Inside A Riot At The Hungarian Border

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Journalist Diego Cupolo shares his account of a violent riot on the Serbia-Hungary border in September 2015, when the so-called Balkan Route was shut off for the first time, with unsettling results. The Seeker Network, currently known as Stories, is an online subsidiary of the Discovery Channel. See the video here.

The Price of Gold in the Twenty-First Century

An overview of the social and environmental impacts of gold mining in Northern Peru, home of the Yanacocha mine, which has been operated by Denver-based Newmont Mining Corp. since the early 1990s. This is a conversation with Washington D.C.’s Latino Media Collective, WPFW 89.3 fm.

From Mexico to Brazil, climate change threatens coffee growers in Latin America

Coffee, like gold, sugar and oil, has long been one of Latin America’s major exports, sustaining everyone from independent farmers in mountain regions to corporate bankers in capital cities. Over the last decade, changing climate patterns have intensified droughts and plagues in the region, creating conditions less suitable for coffee production and wreaking havoc on the industry that came to define, even shape, many hillsides in rural Central and South America. A conversation with Washington D.C.’s Latino Media Collective, WPFW 89.3 fm.

Unregulated Drone Use Soars in Latin America

Whereas the debate over the use of drones in war zones and for commercial use in the US continues, unmanned drones are already in use in Latin America. But for what purpose and by whom? A conversation with Washington D.C.’s Latino Media Collective, WPFW 89.3 fm.